The 5 stages of falling in Love again and again and again…..


Exploring Terrorism, Love, Climate Change & Puppies

From Rant to Rage to Disbelief to Grief to Love


If you got fooled by the title into thinking this post was about something lovely but unserious. I am sorry. I will try to dose some happiness in between with a reward at the end (You can also just skip all the way down).


I had to  lie to get you interested. But lies can be beautiful if told well.


Just found out all demonstrations against the Climate Summit in Paris were cancelled.
Not sure if this is true or not?

To be honest, I used to think when somebody got murdered: “I hope it is not a Muslim that did it.” Expecting the inevitable backlash. This time however,  I quite quickly got a conspiratorial thought (even before I heard this news):


“I bet they orchestrated this to cancel the climate summit protests.”


Now I am aware that this might be not true, in fact I expect it to be an exaggeration of mine. These days I believe that most evil in the world is the result of ever increasing stupidity edging towards murder nudged here and there by a small army of psychopaths. Masterminded or not this is the situation we got…

“No Conspiracies Required”

The truth is at once less sinister and more dangerous. An economic system that requires constant growth, while bucking almost all serious attempts at environmental regulation, generates a steady stream of disasters all on its own, whether military, ecological or financial. The appetite for easy, shortterm profits offered by purely speculative investment has turned the stock, currency and real estate markets into crisis-creation machines, as the Asian financial crisis, the Mexican peso crisis and the dot-com collapse all demonstrate. Our common addiction to dirty, nonrenewable energy sources keeps other kinds of emergencies coming: natural disasters (up 430 percent since 1975) and wars waged for control over scarce resources (not just Iraq and Afghanistan but lower-intensity conflicts such as those that rage in Nigeria, Colombia and Sudan), which in turn create terrorist blowback (a 2007 study calculated that the number of terrorist attacks since the start of the Iraq war had increased sevenfold).” Naomi Klein ~ The Shock Doctrine


If anyone can help me connect the dots in a more positive way, I would be happy to hear it, or if they can show me faults in my facts or reasoning.


These are the facts as I see it:


– We protested against going into Iraq, politicians ignored us and lied to us in the process about weapons of mass destruction. Said politicians got rich in the process: Blair, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.

– Ostensibly ‘we’ went to war to bring freedom and democracy. Our governments routinely break the rules of democracy: Guantanamo, NSA, corruption, censorship etc. etc. etc. etc.

– The people that cause wars never die in them. People that decide to start wars in various countries are usually more closely connected to each other than to the mass of the people in their own countries.

– Within hours of being attacked, the president of a ‘democracy’ (Hollande) had decided to murder many more innocents sparking further future violence. No declaration of war was needed because France (and many (western) powers) have been waging war almost continuously in a variety of places around the world for centuries.

– The more fearful citizens become the more they need a strong leader. The more the leader can keep them afraid the more power he has.

-We also know that politicians routinely manipulate public opinion to suit their goals. One notable example is talking about a crisis so that populations swallow cuts on public services, when in fact we are looking at a redistribution of wealth to the rich. Claiming free market ideologies while providing subsidies to corporations.

That’s because, for the Canadian financial community, the “deficit crisis” was a critical weapon in a pitched political battle. At the time Truglia was getting those strange calls, a major campaign was afoot to push the government to lower taxes by cutting spending on social programs such as health and education. Since these programs are supported by an overwhelming majority of Canadians, the only way the cuts could be justified was if the alternative was national economic collapse—a full-blown crisis. The fact that Moody’s kept giving Canada the highest possible bond rating—the equivalent of an A++— was making it extremely difficult to maintain the apocalyptic mood. ” Naomi Klein – The Shock Doctrine

– The more bombs are thrown the richer the arms dealers get.

– The more bombs are thrown the more terrorists we get.

– The more bombs we throw the more powerful ISIS gets.

– The more fear arises the more violence we get, in the world, in our societies, in our homes and in our hearts.


How is this related to climate change?


We have known about climate change since the 50’s or 60’s, oil companies have kept this truth from us. Governments have been trying to address it since the early 90’s. They have not succeeded, because while they were busy celebrating the so-called victory of capitalism by promoting free trade. Pretending there was no relationship between increased trade and increased pollution.

In 1945 President Roosevelt signed a deal with King Saud  at the Bitter Lake conference. The Americans agreed to supply arms and money in exchange for Saudi oil. The influx of Saudi money was not regulated very well, it was in part this cash used by Western banks for speculation which played a part in financial bubbles including the crash of 2008.

And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.” Thomas Jefferson ~ 1816

Today the Saudi’s are still receiving Cash & Arms in exchange for their oil. They are giving some of these arms and weapons to support IS and other terrorist groups and using a very large part of it to suppress precisely those ‘democratic values’ that are supposedly under attack today.


Western democracies have murdered innocents and supported dictators since before they were democracies and the influence of money and power in those democracies makes them anything but democracies.


Meanwhile our dependence on fossil fuel is wrecking the world. Those people who are the poorest will suffer the most of the coming flood. It will truly be a watershed moment.

River delta’s where our food is produced will be flooded causing more crises. Already hot places will become much drier. People love their homes. But war and famine might cause them to flee.

If we want to have any chance at all from keeping global warming under the dangerous 2 C* level we have to act decisively in the next year and now our chance to protest is taken away?

We are fighting for more than the deaths of millions of innocents, we are also fighting for what the world will look like after the coming crisis. Some people say we can’t change the world. This is true we cannot do this alone.

The world is changing as we speak. The only thing we can influence (we hope) is what that change will look like. Every thought, action and feeling counts. You might find this a heavy burden.

I know I have done so in the past and will do so again. The good news, there is no failure. Any time you feel like you failed the only thing that helps is to get up and start loving. People do lose however.
All we can do is extend our love to all.


The West is not paradise, we are suffering from our own mental illnesses, our own spiritual diseases. Not in the least caused by the cult of individualism. Which is feeding the frenzy destroying our environment. Not coincidentally this same mindset of war, which allows certain sections of society to take control of the resources that belong to us all, is also at play in how we treat the natural environment that we are a part of. It’s called GREED!

From the aluminium industry whose mines which lop off mountaintops filled with rainforest to get to the mineral underneath, poisoning the air and the water of those last peoples in Harmony with nature. To dams built to power Aluminium refineries. To that aluminium being used in bombs for its use in weapons, but also being used in everyday products like deodorant, just to ensure a steady supply to the military.


Repeat this chain of links for most other resources, the way we produce our food (MEAT), wasting water and creating dead zones from the nitrogen runoff into the oceans. Meanwhile having cattle suffering just to add up to climate change through the production of methane gas.


Or the cutting of rainforest to produce palm oil for products ranging from nuts, to cosmetics.
Or the cutting of rainforest to find metals for our smart phones in the Congo, western multinationals funding warlords and child soldiers.


My deepest apologies for summing up all this suffering for you. I am sure you wanted something else. However there is reason to be hopeful. All these problems are connected, these are not random occurrences of fear and terror, These are all policies connected to money making interests. We have a choice!


The western society prides itself on rationality, but what underlies all these behaviors is an irrational fear of death. The ego fears extinction so latches to any pleasure it thinks will sustain it. 

We think our actions do not resonate in the world and ignore evidence to the contrary. The hope I see, is that reason and logic demand that we start acknowledging the connections between our actions and our consequences.

Luckily Love has always known this. So our rational mind just needs to catch up with our maturing love! (grannies y’all)

We have a choice to demand other policies. We can choose to care. By being vulnerable we will come out stronger. For the first time in history we are all connected. Our words can reach any corner of the world. Our actions have long since echoed throughout the globe. Previously the suffering caused by our actions was hidden to a greater extent.

We can choose to care. We can choose to keep speaking about love. Unless there is somebody with a gun to your head, the time for love is always…. And even if you move to defend yourself, you do not have to resort to hate. Even in the face of death most will resort to love. 

As I lay down in the blood of strangers and waiting for my bullet to end my mere 22 years, I envisioned every face that I have ever loved and whispered I love you. Over and over again. Reflecting on the highlights of my life. Wishing that those I love knew just how much, wishing that they knew that no matter what happened to me, to keep believing in the good in people. To not let those men win.“Isobel Bowdery


Love creates life, hate brings more death….

In fact even death pushes us to create, to create through love the world we want to leave behind. Death highlights the transience of this present moment. It could be all we have to love, best to cherish it for all we are worth.

We can defend ourselves when we are threatened, but what is threatening us right now?
It is the rule of leaders who think other people can be killed to good effect. Leaders who implement genocidal policies in our name.


If your response  to this is to justify the bombing by our beloved ‘democracy’, please take a moment to reflect on why you have that impulse.

I believe in freedom whatever it means, I just believe there are better ways to achieve that than war. Even war can be waged much more smartly than it is currently being done. Especially those people that now feel inclined to say, at least here (in the West) we have it better ‘here’ than ‘there’. Ask yourself, is ‘there’ and ‘here’ still a valid category, if violence seeps into every crook and nanny. If our ‘freedom’ is bought with innocent lives.


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